TMS – Depression Treatment the Right Way

FDA cleared and covered by major health insurances

Over 6,000 treatments delivered at our practice

72% achieve significant improvement

Major Insurers Cover TMS Treatment, Including

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NeuroStar TMS Therapy –The Future for Treating Major Depressive Disorder

Anti-depressant medication not working?  Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (“TMS”) is a revolutionary and non-invasive treatment proven to be effective for treating treatment-resistant (medication intolerant) depression.

Safe & FDA Approved

TMS is FDA approved and proven to be effective for treating Major Depressive Disorder.

Covered by Insurance

Almost all major insurance plans cover TMS therapy with us.


TMS therapy can provide a proven and effective non-drug alternative.

Minimal Side Effects

TMS is performed in our office while you are fully awake and TMS does not impact your ability to perform normal daily activities following each treatment.

We are Experts in TMS Therapy and Depression Treatment


10+ Years of TMS Expertise


6,000+ Treatments Performed


20+ Insurance Covered

Proudly serving Poughkeepsie, New York and the Greater Hudson Valley

Meet Our TMS Medical Director – Dr. Randy Pardell, MD DLFAPA

Dr. Pardell has over 10 years of TMS treatment experience and is the president-elect of the Clinical TMS Society. At the TMS Center of the Hudson Valley, Dr. Pardell and his team work will work with you to develop a personalized treatment plan focused on diagnosing and treating the specific root cause of your depression. By choosing to undergo treatment with the TMS Center of the Hudson Valley, we know that you are entrusting us with your mental health and overall wellbeing and as such we take it upon ourselves to provide unparalleled patient care to do everything we can to diagnose and cure your depression.


Depression Remission is Possible with NeuroStar TMS

Hear the stories of patients who took control of their depression with NeuroStar TMS depression treatment.

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The TMS Center of the Hudson Valley is the first established TMS treatment center in Poughkeepsie, New York and the Greater Hudson Valley. Our mission is to provide personalized and effective TMS treatments for our patients.

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